Hidden Glenn Farm

Hidden Glenn Farm

Welcome to  our little patch of Nirvana, Hidden Glen Farm, on the Olympic Peninsula of the state of Washington.

Our goal is for sustainable agriculture and to promote sustainable agriculture by providing you the products and services supporting the renewable resouces of wool, alpaca, mohair, llama and angora bunny fiber. 

These fibers are "a gift" to us by all the wonderful critters we care for, love, and enjoy through shearing or brushing, not requiring death for  our fiber-bearing friends.  We give them a healthy, happy existence; and, in exchanage, they provide us awesome fiber for years and years.

Hidden Glen Farm is also home to Olga's Yurt of Fiber, which is a cottage indusry of fiber processing. We offer all levels of fiber preparation from washing, picking, and carding to creating roving bumps or batts,  and offer a variety of finished products including hand-spun yarns, felted sheets, and wool comforters.

We invite you to meet the many critters that make this fiber possible including our own flock of sheep and the sheep, alpacas, llamas, and bunnys of local fiber growers whose fibers you will see throughout out website.  Learn a bit about the individual animal whose fibers you will be enjoying.   Also, check out our fiber processing shop and see all that goes into getting you fiber clean and ready for use.

Through networking with all our wonderful local fiber growers and artists, we are happy to provide you with unique products and gifts at affordable prices.   Please visit our gift store for a variety of functional and whimsical fiber art.